Koi Ponds

Bring it to Life

Some things just have staying power. After a few years, a fad may be lucky enough to become fashion. Many years later, with some luck, fashionable becomes classic. Koi ponds are truly classic displays of beauty and tranquility. First domesticated over 1000 years ago in China and then introduced to Japanese culture in the early 1800s, koi fish were bred for color and their ponds built for quiet reflection. And though these ponds can be simply mesmerizing, they are not necessarily simple to build but can be maintained with minimal effort once properly installed. And it's worth it. It's a passion and a labor of love at Aquatic Gardens to bring a tradition 1000 years in the making to homes and outdoor spaces all over the Southeast. We will simplify the process for you. You'll simply love it.

Caldwell Koi Pond
Country Club Koi
Homewood Koi
Altadena Koi
Timeless Koi
Modern Koi
Smith Lake Koi
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